When I was introduced to Dungeons & Dragons by some friends, I was instantly hooked. Keeping track of all of my characters’ information on a small piece of paper, however, quickly became overwhelming and disorganized.

I wanted to create a tool that made managing D&D characters effortless so that I could focus on the gameplay instead of worrying about the large spectrum of information to keep track of.

HEROPAGE was my solution to this problem. It builds on the traditional character sheet and adds countless useful tools that just aren't possible with pencil and paper.

Check it out at USEHEROPAGE.COM

A mockup of the  website

The Freemium Model

This project was started as a personal tool for me and my friends, but I wanted to expand the scope to allow public users to manage their own characters as well.

HEROPAGE is now a freemium tool, and most of its base functionality is free to use for any users who sign up. Users can upgrade their accounts to PLUS to unlock even more useful features that make managing characters even easier.

A screenshot of the  website

How's it Made?

The foundation of HEROPAGE is built on the PHP framework Laravel, and Javascript is used to handle page events and user interaction with elements.

New features are constantly in development and being added to the live website. An organized development cycle and version control with GIT allows me to easily provide and manage updates.

A screenshot of the  website

Want to work together?

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My name is Christian Bridges (Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Musician)
I live in Detroit, Michigan