Sincerely is a groovy music project I created and started writing songs for in early 2016.

As the project progressed and turned into a full band, we started releasing songs and playing shows. I wanted to make sure we were marketing the band effectively by directing traffic to a central hub where fans could learn more about us, listen to our music, find out show schedules and more.


A mockup of the  website

Measuring the Traffic

Using Google Analytics to track user activity on our website, we are better able to see where our fans are located and through what channels they're arriving to our website.

This allows us to interact with our fan base more efficiently and helps us to plan future shows in locations with more active engagement.

A screenshot of the  website

How's it made?

This website was built using the PHP framework Laravel. It utilizes third-party APIs to display feeds of our upcoming shows and audio widgets to play tracks from our releases.

A screenshot of the  website

Want to work together?

I'm currently available to accept new clients and I'd love to work on your next project.
Shoot me a message and we can get the ball rolling!

My name is Christian Bridges (Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Musician)
I live in Detroit, Michigan